The Restaurant

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The restaurant at Agriturismo Coccovello is located in a delightful room, decorated in the traditional style of rural, southern Italy. Chestnut beams line the ceiling, antique farming tools decorate the walls, interspersed with brick-lined arches. Log burning stoves warm guests during the winter months and cool air provides a welcome retreat from the outside heat during the summer.
The food is all prepared and cooked on the premises.

In the true 'Agriturismo' tradition, the menu is dictated by the availability of fresh produce. Guests are always free to choose what they eat, but perhaps the greatest pleasure is to let the chef decide, and be served a seemingly never-ending selection of delicious antipasti, followed by a selection of fresh, home-made pasta, grilled meat, often home-grown, with a fresh salad and oven roasted potatoes... and it doesn't end there! the meal is rounded off with fresh fruit, a home made cake, coffee and liqueurs.

"The only thing wrong with Italian food is that five or six days later, you're hungry again!"

The old joke certainly has a ring of truth about it at Agriturismo Coccovello!